Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presenting the Fabulous Tink

What would life be without having the opportunity to brag about your children? This is Tink trying on costumes at the dance studio for the upcoming recital. This is her ballet costume. What do you think? Once the hair is done and a little makeup--precious. She really surprised us a couple of days ago. She is always the one who fights about homework and her disinterest in it. She never writes down her assignments and rarely brings home the correct book for nightly assignments. Any other parents have one of these? She surprised us the other day when she got in the car and announced that she had scored 100% on her benchmark test! This is the pretest for the end of grade test that is given each year. I knew you had it in you all along, Tink!

This is her at dance in her hiphop class. This was a few months ago. She has gotten so much better since this was taken. I can't wait to see the recital!

Rhonda :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, we finally made it back from sunny Florida. I apologize for not posting for so many days. I came back to a mountain of new packages outside our door and brought home a mountain of laundry. So, I am just now digging my way out. We had a FABULOUS time at Sea World. I highly recommend it to any and all.

Pumpkin and Tink had such a great experience and got to spend some time with their cousins that they don't get to see very often. They all got along so well. SQM called them the "Fantastic Four". We got to pet the dolphins and feed them too. What a wonderful opportunity. Something us "mountain folk" don't get the chance to do very often. We also had a chance to spend a bit of time with our quilting buddy, Bonnie. Bonnie if you are listening, thank you so much for your hospitality. You opened up your home and your heart to entertain us while we were there.

The giveaway seemed to be a big hit. Thank you SOOOO much to all who took the time to post a comment. It was nice of you all to take time out of your very busy lives just to read the little snippets that we call our lives.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos from our vacation.

Russ & Rhonda :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Amber!!!! You are the WINNER

Random number 63 is the winner.

So Amber of One Shabby Chick is the winner.
So Amber Please Email us!!!!!

I do want to give a special thanks to Dana, Joy, Susan and Paula for mentioning us on their blogs.

We are officially on the road going to Orlando to Seaworld!!!!