Monday, September 23, 2013

Atlanta Expo

 Russ and I had the privilege of attending the Atlanta Quilt and Sewing Expo last week.  Five fun filled days of nothing but beautiful quilts.  If you could see this quilt up close, it looks like pixels!  These are all 1" squares!  Mind......BLOWN!
 The photo doesn't do this quilt justice.  It is truly magnificent.  It was Best in Show this year.  If you could see the detail you would understand why it has won Best in Show at more than one quilt show.
It is exquisite.   And below, is a photo of the area I spent most of my time in.  This is the classroom sponsored by Gammill Quilting Machines.  Fellow long arm quilters had an opportunity to sit under the instruction of some very esteemed quilters such as Pam Clarke, Dusty Farrell,  Lisa Sipes and Regina Carter to learn new techniques and let the creative juices flow!
 This is Richard and Pat Walker.  Richard and Pat are the owners of  Pat's Calico Cottage in Snellville, GA.  They are the Gammill dealers for Georgia.  Alongside them is Regina Carter.  Regina is one of the best quilters I know and I am proud to call her my very good friend.  Pat and Richard have been dealers for Gammill for about 15 years and have put countless machines into the homes of some very happy quilters. 
Great people, indeed.  Russ and I consider these people a second family to us. 
Russ is pictured with Ardis Young.   He calls her "Mom" and rightly so.  She treats him just like a son. She watches after him closely and keeps him in line!  Mike Caldwell has been with the Gammill company for 28 years.  He is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Mike...if you're listening...I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me.  Best wishes to Donna and tell her to just "keep quiltin'"!  We had such as great time and met so many nice people.  Proof that quilters are just the greatest people in the world!!