Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready, Set, SEW!!!!!

Just like we mentioned a few weeks ago, we are now preparing for our first giveaway. Ours won't be nearly as exciting as Dana's over at the Old Red Barn Co., but we aim to please. We are giving a free quilting service away. This will be an edge to edge quilt, any size, any pattern that we have in our pattern library. That's right folks! So get those sewing machines out of the closet and dust them off. Sew up your favorite pattern and get it ready to send to us, 'cause you could be the lucky winner. We will run the giveaway for two weeks. All you have to do is post a comment. At the end of two weeks, we will randomly draw for the winner. Sound like a good idea to you? Well, don't just sit there in front of your computer (make your post)--start sewing!

Look at some of our other work for McCalls Quick Quilts and SuzGuz Designs:

Nature’s Gifts April/May 2009 Issue Quick Quilts‏

Moderne Bliss February/March 2009 Issue Quick Quilts‏

I do want to give the Susan Guzman from SuzGuz Designs a special Thanks!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Candy Bar Road FREE CLASS

Is everyone looking for the perfect quilt project that takes minimal time? I know we are always looking for the perfect pattern for the last minute gift. You know the one--"Honey, what's for dinner, how was your day and by the way, I need a quilt for a birthday gift at work for day after tomorrow? I meant to tell you, but it just kept slipping my mind."

Well, hold on to your rotary cutter--we found it. It is called Candy Bar Road. It is so easy and so beautiful. Makes a lap quilt in a snap! (Wow, I should be be doing infomercials!) Our friend, Susan Guzman from SuzGuz Designs has come up with the easiest pattern. Russ is teaching a free class at Bless My Stitches and Mrs. S Fabric featuring this pattern. All you need is one jelly roll and one layer cake. Here is a picture of one of our samples.

Rhonda ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have to show off My Pumpkin!!!!

This is Pumpkin's contemporary class. All the girls have 4 to 10 years experience in dance and this is the first full year for the boy. Choreography is still in the planning and reworking phase.

You know you have it made if you have three beautiful girls right there to catch you!!!!!

Coming soon-- Tink's hip hop class!!!

Russ aka SQM