Saturday, March 19, 2011

Atlanta Expo

These are exciting pictures of the Atlanta expo in March. I was fortunate enough to be able to be able to assist the Gammill team at the expo, which meant I got to be in every class! The pictures that you see are samples that have been quilted by Dusty Farrell. He is making a name for him self in the long arm quilting community with his exciting and innovative designs. He used the bottom of a pot to make the circle and them quilted all around it. Isn't it beautiful?
This is a vest that he quilted and layed inexpensive netting material over the fabric before quilting it. A unique look for sure. (also on the butterfly quilt)
Dusty uses "glow in the dark" thread and puts a black light on it to really make it pop. Kids love this look. Our girls are already asking for a quilt sewn in glow in the dark thread.

A picture of me and Dusty at the expo. He really knows his stuff
This is Regina Carter. She is a fabulous long arm quilter that I was fortunate enough to work with in the classes. I was able to pick her brain and get lots of new ideas. I have plans to take some classes under her instruction. I am very excited about that upcoming event!