Friday, November 26, 2010

Let it Snow

Brooke just can't seem to get enough. This is her latest project. A rag quilt that she pieced with Roxanne at Bless My Stitches. Won't she be snuggly warm this winter with her rag quilt?

Love this quilt! This beauty beongs to Alana. This is a technique called "redwork". I think she is giving this to her daughter for Christmas. Isn't she lucky?

You can see that Russ is quilting snowflakes on the quilt. This one is going to be spectacular. Something to really put you in the mood for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Following in Dad's Footsteps

We all have aspirations that our children will someday follow in our know keep the family business going.
Well, today, that dream might be well on it's way to being realized. Brooke decided to try her hand at the long arm. She had already spent the better part of the afternoon piecing doll quilts together for all the girls in our family for Christmas. She went to her Dad and said, "Can I quilt them myself?" Music to his ears.

Not bad for her first try!

Dana from The Old Red Barn Co. with her latest quilt. She cares for each quilt just like they were her children!
Proof positive that some legends go on and on forever! Earnhardt lives! Russ was so excited to do this job. Proof positive that he is not the only Nascar fan. Me...glad the season is over until February!
A sneak peek at an upcoming project that is currently under construction. These blocks belong to our friend Reta. She meticulously pieced each and every one in a block of the month class at Bless My Stitches quilt shop. She and Russ are putting their heads together to make it come together. The next picture is an example of what the finished product will be.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Business Cards

What do you think of this? Russ and I have been pondering for two weeks now about the design of our new business cards. We wanted something that was simple and not overstated. In our effort to support local business, we made a trip to the local printer and gave him some ideas about what we would like and he came up with this. We go today to view the final draft and I have to say I am quite pleased.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

How many of these do you have in your house? It seems like we are all so busy these days...always on the phone for one reason or another. Our two daughters seem to have hands that are always busy on the keypad of a cellphone. You can hardly tell where the hand ends and the cellphone begins. I am always asking them, "So, who is blowing up your phone today?" If it was up to me everyone would have two cans and a that's communication at it's finest.This beauty belongs to Alberta, one of our customers. She pieced this quilt because they are redecorating her granddaughter's room. With this one she can enjoy the colors of spring all winter long. Something to brighten those dreary winter days.

Russ is back! Back in the swing of things and working hard. A pound or two lighter, I might add. We are so proud of him!

This quilt is being donated to the elementary school to raise money for a new playground. Thanks Susan Guzman for donating the fabric and double thanks to Karen and Roxanne for the piecing work, backing and Warm and Natural batting. We hope to raise lots of money on this one. The line of fabric is Kids Go Green. All about recycling and being kind to the earth. We could all take a few lessons on that subject.