Monday, April 28, 2014

NC Longarm Retreat with Georgia Stull

Rhonda and I are happy to announce our first Statler retreat in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, aka...Murphy, NC!  Georgia Stull will be the featured instructor for the retreat. The dates for the retreat are July 24-26, 2014.  Classes will include instruction on how to run your longarm business more efficiently and professionally and also how to boost your business!  You will receive a wonderfully detailed handout.  You will leave with a wealth of information, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when you return to your quilting studio.  Individual classes range in price from $40-$75 or get the total package (every class) for $379.
If you think this is a retreat you would be interested in, please contact Rhonda and I at  We look forward to a great retreat! 

Georgia Stull, Professional Longarm Quilter and Teacher

Georgia is a professional longarm quilter from Missouri. In April 2008, she became one of the very first Gammill Certified Creative Studio Trainers and is certified in CS 5. She is also a beta tester for the software and that means she can teach the very latest version of Creative Studio from the first day of release!   Georgia teaches her students practical, yet creative ways, to maximize the functionality of Creative Studio.  Visit or to learn more about Georgia.
Thursday Classes for all Longarmers

It’s The Little Things (2-hour class - For all quilters)
I love to share tips, tricks, and techniques to make your life easier as a quilter. Two hours packed with information…and I promise we will have lots of fun along the way and you will go home with a wonderfully detailed handout.  This is a lecture/video presentation.
Can We Talk?  It’s Time to Run Your Business
Class price:  $40

Can We Talk?  It’s Time to Run Your Business Purposefully and Professionally   (2-hour class – for all quilters)
I get it! Sometimes the quilting is the easy part. Running the business can be what challenges you the most. It’s time to take charge and run your business…don’t let it run you! Join me for a two-hour, fully-packed presentation of practical information that will help you begin/run your business. If you have ever taken a class of mine, you know that we will have a good time while we are learning and you will have a detailed handout to take home with you.  This is a lecture/video presentation….Class price:  $40

101 Ways To Boost Your Quilting Business (2-hour class – for all quilters)
Are you looking for some practical ideas to boost your quilting business? This is the class for you! Sometimes it's just tough to figure out how to bring the customers in and make your business profitable. I promise to give you 101 Ways (you can count 'em!) to do just that. If you have been in any of my classes, you know that we always have a good time and I will have a very thorough handout for you. This is a lecture/video presentation.  Class price:  $40

Friday Classes –Creative Studio

Edge-to-Edge, Let Me Count the Ways! (2-hour class, Creative Studio)

All Statler users need to know some basics! I will cover Creative Studio basics, teach how to set Controller Definitions, teach shortcuts and Hot Keys, and share different methods of quilting Edge to Edge.  I can concatenate!  Can you concatenate? You will be able to after this class!  Also included, recovery methods for those times that problems arise. I am not shy about passing along lots of practical tips and tidbits to help you have a great quilting experience with your Statler.
 Class price:  $50

Easy Peasy Borders (2-hour class, Creative Studio)

Once you have mastered edge-to-edge quilting, the next step is adding borders and sashes. I teach an easy, almost foolproof method of placing borders with amazing accuracy. My method never involves turning your quilt! Bonus: You can do almost all of the preparation sitting down!!  This method also works perfectly on those “not-so-perfect” quilts.  Give my method a try…you won’t be disappointed!
Class price:  $50

Your Statler is Not Just For Quilts!!  (2-hour class, Creative Studio)
We know that we can finish a quilt with our computerized machines…but did you know that you can create many other quilted items? Honestly, I don’t always have time to piece and quilt…but I do have time to create unique quilted projects. I will give you ideas that are great for gift giving and creating quilted items that will “advertise” your quilting business. Let’s spend some time together and discover ways to pump up your creativity with your quilting machines. All your friends and family will want to receive a gift from you. I am ready to hit a Grand Slam and knock quilting creativity right out of the ballpark! I hope you will join me. The handout will be loaded onto a 256mg Flash Drive for your convenience. BONUS: The flash drive will also have patterns for you to create a new quilted project.  Free patterns include a spa set, tote bag, “See-It” bag, and pocket tissue pack.
Class price:  $50
Saturday Classes – Creative Studio

Creative Custom (3-hour class, Creative Studio)
This class covers the powerful custom tools available to you in Creative Studio. We will learn all about custom quilting tools such as point to point, circle array, echo quilting, fills, and trims. That’s right! We are going to become BEST friends with the “right click menu!” I will also cover how to choose a pattern and how to decide what technique is most appropriate in specific circumstances.  I don’t do “freehand,” and that drives me to look for efficient and effective ways to do custom quilting that won’t compromise quality. Class price:  $75

Getting To Know SAM!  That’s Stand Alone Mode!—Creative Studio On Your Laptop   (3-hour class, Creative Studio)

 Statler users, it is time to learn how to access the power of Stand Alone Mode! You can work in SAM on another computer while your Statler is “working” on a quilt. Bonus” working in SAM will greatly improve your skills as a Creative Studio user. You will also learn how to “build” a quilt in SAM in order to audition quilt designs.
Class price:  $75

Savings:  If you take all classes it will be discounted to $379

Class Handouts

Please note:  I provide very detailed handouts for my classes.  This year I have been loading the handouts onto USB Flash Drives because they are just too big to print out. My students have loved this!  I charge $5 for each handout, payable at the time of class.
For anyone that takes all three business classes, I can put all three handouts on one drive for a total cost of $5. 
Digital patterns are also included with the handout for the class, “Your Statler Is Not Just For Quilts.” That handout and patterns will be loaded onto a USB drive.  Cost is $5.
For anyone that takes all four Creative Studio classes (10 Hours), I will load all four handouts onto a USB Bracelet for $10.

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No Refund on Class but they are transferable.