Sunday, March 15, 2009

Candy Bar Road FREE CLASS

Is everyone looking for the perfect quilt project that takes minimal time? I know we are always looking for the perfect pattern for the last minute gift. You know the one--"Honey, what's for dinner, how was your day and by the way, I need a quilt for a birthday gift at work for day after tomorrow? I meant to tell you, but it just kept slipping my mind."

Well, hold on to your rotary cutter--we found it. It is called Candy Bar Road. It is so easy and so beautiful. Makes a lap quilt in a snap! (Wow, I should be be doing infomercials!) Our friend, Susan Guzman from SuzGuz Designs has come up with the easiest pattern. Russ is teaching a free class at Bless My Stitches and Mrs. S Fabric featuring this pattern. All you need is one jelly roll and one layer cake. Here is a picture of one of our samples.

Rhonda ;)

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