Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

A sign of the times. Thanksgiving is now over and moving on to Christmas. These lovies belong to our neighbors. We can see them out our living room window and we get to enjoy them too.
We put the tree up on Thanksgiving afternoon (post feast). I love this time of year. The kids get so excited and us adults get a little extra gleam in our eyes, too. Did anyone score any good deals on the Black Friday sales? We got a TomTom nagivation system, $59! Score! Merry Christmas to me.

This is Tink's best friend, "Grizzlie". He had a tiny plate all to himself at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. He said he was really full after dinner.

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  1. Th Christmas tree is lovely~ I will be sending 3-4 quilts over by March. I am still working hard to get everything ready. My friend who looked the pup quilt and love it so much! I still need to look for a perfect box for the quilt to put in.

    Merry Christmas~