Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Entry

Time to start a new year and a new chapter in our lives. It has been a whirlwind two year adventure for us since we started this business. We are "The Backporch Quilters", which was "born" for two reasons. #1--Out of necessity for a new career and #2(and certainly not second because it was less important)because of our love for quilting. We are a family of four trying to make our mark on the big wide world. Dad (which we will refer to as "SQM", which stands for Super Quilting Man, which was a name affectionately given to him by one of our dearest friends at the local quilt shop in our town.) More about the quilt shop later. Mom, part-time worker, full-time taxi and dancer mom, (four days a week, thank you very much) and two lovely, lovely and did I mention lovely daughters, age 12 and 8.(To be given an "on line" name at a later date.)

Most of SQM's days are spent in the quilting room working on the projects that our customers have carefully and lovingly pieced together to become heirloom treasures. My day is kind of all over the place, between work and taxiing the girls to dance class, (did I mention four days a week??) and did I mention that I like to on occasion remind my family just how hard I work for them?

Our intention for this blog is not to just wile away the hours telling your about our days and nights, but to keep you well informed about what is going on in our corner of the quilting world and possibly to occasionally pass on a great recipe that I have stumbled upon. I do like to cook! However, in order to get the free recipes--you will have to endure viewing the occasional picture or video of our girls at dance. Just kidding. Not really--seriously, you will have to see the photos!


  1. I'm happy to welcome you to blogland. You will find it a lovely place to spend your time. Bloggers are kind and supportive and offer great ideas.


  2. This is terrific news! I am so glad to see you blogging and can't wait to see your recipes, too! The picture of the 4 of you is beautiful! Such pretty, pretty girls! (love those two!)

  3. What a great family photo. I hope you like this adventure. It is a great way to express your self and share with your family.

  4. Yeah - welcome to blogland! I'm so excited for this quilting bee and meeting new friends!