Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Bliss

We don't get much snow in this neck of the woods anymore. When I was a child, it snowed all the time, or at least it seemed that way. I can remember when we would miss what seemed like most of the month of January. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little. But even still, Pumpkin and Tink only get to enjoy the occasional flurry or snow shower. Here is a picture of them doing just that. We have to always encourage them to get right out there when it is actually snowing because it is gone in the blink of an eye. We still keep hoping for more than a flurry! Be careful, what you wish for...

Some exciting news from The Back Porch Quilters! Russ always said that he would know that he had "made it" if he was published in McCall's. Well, guess what? We have arrived. Russ is in the March/April 2009 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts. Page 46, specifically,for those of you who care to know. We have several other publications coming out in the near future. We are so grateful to Susan at SuzGuz Designs for this wonderful opportunity. We are truly blessed.

Rhonda :)


  1. Oh how awesome is that. Congratulations.

  2. I loved that issue. I will have to go check out your page. Congratulations.

  3. Came over from flickr - thanks for the heads up! Congratulations on your publications - that's great! Hope your girls enjoyed the snow :)

  4. When does that publication come out for sale? I haven't seen it yet but I keep looking!
    Libie in Washington

  5. Congratulations! I actually saw this in the magazine when it first came out, and had to show my sewing group, the Pinpricks. I had showed them the projects you had quilted for me, and referred to you as "my longarm guy." They thought that was so funny. I'm working on a king-size top that shoudl be coming your way soon! Congrats again on the national recognition! You do a fabulous job!