Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun with Georgia Stull

Since the last post we did have the long arm (Statler Stitcher) retreat.  Georgia Stull and her husband Ivan made their way through the mountains for their first trip to North Carolina to teach.

This was our first retreat so it was a time of trial and error.  I think things went pretty well.  We had about 12 people over the course of 3 days.  They were all very different.  Some were husband and wife teams like Russ and I and some were just casual quilters that quilt just for fun.  I think the greatest thing about it, with the exception of Georgia's excellent instruction, was the intimacy of setting.  We held the retreat at Bless My Stitches quilt shop and it was just the perfect size for our event.  Karen was a very hospitable host and we appreciate her so much for that.

Georgia gave some really fun and informative classes.  I think everyone walked away refreshed and ready to try some new tricks on their quilting machines.  It's good to learn something new or just to be reminded and refresh some things that you might already know.  And that is what this retreat was all about.
Here is a picture of our group.  This is the purple bug that represents the Row by Row Experience at Bless My Stitches.  It was a fun photo opportunity.

So glad we were able to do this retreat.  Next we will be having a retreat for hand guided quilters, like myself.  Looking forward to having another retreat sometime really soon.


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