Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Field Trip #2

Russ and I took a break yesterday to mix a little business with pleasure. We have been talking for quite some time now about going to the Warm Company to purchase batting. So, we made a couple of phone calls, dropped off the kids with Grandma and climbed in the truck and took off. We drove to Hendersonville, about 3 hours from home, and pulled up to the dock and the nicest people in the world loaded the back of the truck and sent us on our way.
We took a little extra time to visit a couple of our favorite quilt shops along the way and had a nice lunch together.
Here are a few pictures of the warehouse, which by the way, just sits in the middle of a neighborhood.
I think next time we are going to ask for a tour of the plant.
:) Rhonda


  1. Do they have a website? I also live in NC and maybe-possibly-might be able to talk my husband into us taking a trip there... ?

  2. Sweet!!

    Did you get any Warm & White? I need some.

  3. next time, would it be possible i can just send the quilt top and backing over and pay for the batting and quilting fee?

    i really like warm & white cotton. i was disappointed the one i picked for stella's quilt.