Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilts and Then Some

We asked our new friend Sarah Pead to do some graphic design work for us to snazz up our website and look what a fabulous job she did! Some people are so talented. We are so happy to have her among our list of new friends. Thanks Sarah!

Check out this gorgeous quilt from Jilliene Isaacs. This was just one of the many quilts we are getting from the quilt along that has been going on for a few weeks now at the Old Red Barn Co. Jilliene was so gracious to mention us on her blog. There are so many good people with so much talent out there!

Look at this beauty! This came to us from Chase Wu. An original that features her daughter's foot prints and hand prints. How absolutely original and scumptious! It was a delight to quilt this one!

Finally, something edible! I think we will make some refrigerator pickles. They taste so much better when you know that you grew them yourself.

Check out Tink. She finally got her front hand spring and can land it on her feet.
Totally awesome!



  1. Nice blog redo! Sarah is very talented. I think I need to hire her too.

    I love all the quilts! I would send you mine, but I'm tempted to give it a go. If I get too nervous, you may find it on your doorstep!

  2. Love the new look! :) You must love seeing all the beautiful quilts come through!

  3. I love the new graphics. Is there no end to Sarah's talents??

  4. Hello-

    Thank you very much for posting the "pup loves quilt". I just finished the biding last night. I have to tell you. I LOVE the pattern. You guys did an amazing job! I have put up the quilt and hope it is going to be a surprise when Christmas comes.i also blog this quilt this morning. Thanks again~

  5. The blog redo is gorgeous. All the quilts you are posting about here are gorgeous, and made even better by your quilting.

  6. Snazzy blog redesign! Loving the quilt pictures too!