Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Late Winter Snow Days

Well, it has taken all winter and I thought we might escape it but it has finally happened.  We got about 5 inches of snow today. 
The girls missed several days of school last week because of the bitter cold temperatures we had.  But this time it was all because of snow.  Good thing they have some snow days banked.  We won't have to lose any days from Spring break or go any extra days at the end of the year.  And there is always that dreaded Saturday school.

It was a beautiful snow and from what I hear, we are expecting more tomorrow night.  Might as well make the best of it. 
I could show you some really pretty pictures of the snow but let's face it...you've seen plenty of those I am sure.  People always posting pictures of themselves making snow angels and building snowmen.  Been there, seen it, done it. 

This is what we do with our spare time around the Adams' house on a snow day.  Brooke's cat Callie was quite intrigued by a box of Robin Eggs.  We had a great time watching her trying to figure out how to get a piece of candy out of this box.  I don't think she ever actually ate it. 


Of course, Russ and I worked today.  Snow days are good quilting days.  We can usually work undisturbed and get a lot done.
We are coming to the end of our Annual 20% sale so you still have until the end of this week to turn your quilt in and cash in on a 20% discount on any edge to edge quilting. 
For now we will just keep quilting and be thankful for family, a warm cozy home and all the blessings we enjoy. 
Think Spring
Rhonda :)


  1. In North Alabama here, still waiting for the promised 3-6 inches here....I was looking forward to snow photos when I clicked the link, so maybe I can convince you to post them? :)

    1. Hey Amber..as requested...I posted some snow pictures for you on my blog. What do you sew? We are long arm quilters from Murphy, NC (Western NC) probably not too far from you.. Enjoy the pics!

  2. Well, a little bit of everything! Been a while since I've blogged, but just too busy most days!

    I quilt mostly, taking over doing baby blankets for all of my family members since my great-grandma is too feeble to do so now.