Saturday, February 7, 2015

Catching Up!!! and a lot more to come !!!

 This is Russ' latest obsession.  He has spent every waking available minute working on this quilt.  He has used all of his Tula Pink scraps to build this beauty.  Brooke gets every Tula Pink quilt that Russ makes.  This pattern takes 13 pieces per block. That doesn't really sound all that challenging. 

 I probably forgot to mention that he had to make 120 blocks!  I hope Brooke appreciates the labor of love. 

 I know that she day.  Right now she is only thinking about what she is going to watch on TV or what she is wearing to school the next day. 

 Russ has also started refurbishing furniture.  Something to do as a change of pace from the grind of quilting all day.  Don't misunderstand...we love to quilt...but it gives him something new to think about.  Just a few days ago he have me a bench for my living room that was made from a headboard and footboard.  I love it so much.  And this is the pillow that he made to match it.  But right now it is on loan to Bless My Stitches as a display.  This is a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  He used my favorite fabrics.

 This is a bench Russ and his friend John made for our friend Roxanne.  I love the classic black.

 He has been quite busy.  Russ made the quilt above.   He just drew it out on some graph paper.  I think it is a stunner.  It is made from Lilly Ashbury fabric.  We are going to be posting the free pattern in the near future if anyone would like to make it. 

 The girls are so grown up.  Brooke is 14 now.  A freshman in high school.  Full of life and energy. 

 And Autumn is 18!  A senior in high school.  Leaving for college in the fall.  She is planning to attend Young Harris College.  Ready to make her mark in the world. 
As always...our good friend Dana from Old Red Barn Co never fails to impress.  She always takes such beautiful photos of our girls. 

 They are sisters and best friends.

  The last picture is a remake of the exact same pose taken 7 years ago.  They really haven't change all that much.  Brooke still has that same devilish twinkle in her eye.  Beauties.


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